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News Roundup

Eckerd Kids, the agency that runs child welfare in Tampa Bay, will in January require agencies that run group foster homes to allow children to use cell phones. Some group homes are concerned that children may use phones for unathorized contract with their parents or other adults or to post pictures of other foster children on social media

Eckerd Kids: Teens in group foster homes must be allowed to keep phones

TAMPA — For many teens still reeling from being taken into foster care, a cellphone is a lifeline, child advocates say. It's their one connection to the world they left behind, a link to friends, romantic interests and reassuring emojis. Yet many group foster homes confiscate or heavily restrict access to cellphone …


Jeb Bush back in the hunt for the Marlins, now opposing Derek Jeter

Associated Press:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has switched sides in pursuit of the Miami Marlins, and he’s trying to beat out former teammate Derek Jeter....


City Clerk Chan Srinivasa (2nd left) and Senior Deputy City Clerk  Cathy Davis (1st left) celebrate the end of qualifying period with colleagues on Friday afternoon

St. Pete qualifying ends. Seven for mayor. Eight for District 6 on primary ballot

The smiles of the faces of the workers in the City Clerk’s office said it all. The qualifying period for city elections was almost over....


The Florida Constitution Review Commission might weigh in on whether state education funding follows students, or pays for a system of public schools.

Florida education news in review, week of June 18, 2017

Some pretty big education policy questions emerged during the Florida legislative session, perhaps none bigger than whether funding should "follow the students" or pay for a public school system. With all the talk of per-student funding, the answer might seem pretty clear. But it's not. Rhetoric aside, the state constitution and case law create a scenario that likely will bring the issue before the Constitution Revision Commission for clarification....